It’s Thor vs. an Evil Whale In the Heart of the Sea


In an alleged representation of something that actually happened to inspire the writing of Moby Dick – but more directly, inspired the writing of a book with the same name as this movie – In the Heart of the Sea pits Chris Hemsworth against a giant whale that attacks for no reason. Because what cause would a whale have to attack a boat that’s loaded with harpoons? Surely none.

I congratulate the whales, though, on getting past the insidious typecasting of always being gentle, sensitive things. It’s about time Hollywood realized that not all whales are nice, and some are just pissy jerks, or even downright villainous. Look, if they’re really as smart as us, some have to be as awful as us. Sea World is right to put the smaller ones in pens, don’cha know.

This should play gangbusters in Japan. And it looks kinda fun for a Ron Howard movie. But realistic? Like I said, it’s Thor versus an evil whale.