Hordak Gets Naked in the New He-Man Comic.


There must have been young female fans of She-Ra back in the day who fantasized about Hordak, right? I mean, he was the bad guy, but he was also the dude with the money and the power, and his arm could turn into anything…mechanical. Plus, like every Masters of the Universe figure, he had a perfect physique…that was entirely unrepresentative of his bat-skull face.

Well, if he was your fantasy, DC is in the giving vein this day. In He-Man: The Eternity War #1, Hordak’s spirit absorbs He-Man’s blood, bringing him back from Despondos with a perfect – and Herculean – bod. This somewhat helps to explain why his body is identical to He-Man’s while his face looks like the leftovers of a Mortal Kombat fatality performed on Satan…but not by much.

If anybody cares about the actual story now that you’ve seen the money shot, Crave Online has a further preview, and the issue itself is out today.