The Semi-Naked Statue of a Woman Dressed as Boba Fett as Mickey Mouse You Were Looking for

NOTE: Cesar Romero nipple-covers are not included

I think the snout suggests an Angry Birds influence, as well.

Hey Disney, since you own the rights to all of this now (except the snout, maybe, but you can always say it’s Gamorrean) can I see a stand-alone movie about this character? It only has to be about five minutes long, really. $239 seems like a lot to actually get the toy – if indeed this qualifies as a toy, and I say it does – but maybe she can cameo as Mrs. Buzz Lightyear in the next Toy Story. I think Buzz would like that. Tim Allen, too.

The gloves and boots suggest bear claws – the Mickey-esque ears may be more based on Bearbricks, after all, though they in turn were probably inspired by Mickey to begin with – which implies that this female Mandalorian has the right to bear AND bare arms. The green gauntlets suggest it’s an Emp-bear Strikes Back version, and the fact that I even wrote this about what is obviously the product of masturbatory fan fiction and too much time on somebody’s hands suggests that I am the fool.

But you’d buy one too if it were cheap, right? For…a “friend”?