The Hunger Games Porn Parody Is an Actual Parody…and Funny!


First of all, credit for the last-minute use of the tri-blade lightsaber, AND for making it resemble a sex toy. Some last-minute post-production there.

Framing the entire porn part as a video illegally hacked from the Jennifer Lawrence character’s phone – timely! It could be seen as in dubious taste (perish the thought, in a porno! And in related news, you can now be arrested for that), but SPOILER ALERT – she ends up killing the hacker, a Stanley Tucci impersonator named Pleaser Fuckerman. So it ends well.

Dialogue I’m partial to: “The Humper Games are nothing like Battle Royale. Firstly, our version has no Asians. So it’s really fucking different.”

Describing the Effie character, F.U., “You look like Mary Poppins just ate out a menstruating unicorn.”

And of course, “May the odds be ever in your beaver.”

Having watched Axel Braun movies, I usually assume the word “parody” is used to get around copyright law, and not signify, y’know, actual parody. But this genuinely works as such.