If This Hot Wheels Set Is Actually Spoiling Age of Ultron, the Movie Will Be Amazing


Caution: what you are about to see is probably not an actual spoiler.

I don’t think there are Hot Wheels cars as major plot points in the Avengers sequel, nor do I think the themed set they come in represents any actual scene from the film. But then again, I thought Howard the Duck wasn’t in Guardians of the Galaxy…and that was AFTER I saw it. So I’m taking no chances and hiding images below the fold.

That said, I really hope this DOES happen…


So if we go by this set, the Avengers are…what? Just standing there hoping Tony Stark’s auto-piloted car will drive around Ultron in a semicircle? Or are they using the car as a diversion so they can jump him from behind…even though the car’s trajectory all but ensures Ultron will turn around and notice them?

It probably makes more sense to kids. The box is even better, because it makes it look like Ultron has a giant gold screwdriver for a schlong. Maybe that’s what he’s trying to grab, and the damn Iron Man car is just getting in the way.


Images via ComicBookMovie