It Took France 14 Years to Be Offended by Superhero Gang-Bang Mural in a Hospital

Les m?decins ne sont pas des pigeons on Facebook

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure nothing would make me feel better about recovering from injuries somehow sustained in France than a giant wall-painting of Wonder Woman getting ass-fucked by Batman, fisted by Supergirl, and masturbated on by Superman and the Flash. Look, I always vomit right after surgery anyway, so we might as well make it happen quickly. And indeed, this was apparently cool with the people of France for 14 years. Only when a photo of it went up on Facebook with added speech-bubbles equating health care reforms with rape did anybody decide to take action – even as some defend such images as a medical student tradition.

So, in a curious reversal of our usual understanding of free speech: porn = good. Health care debate = bad. Giant ejaculating superhero penises on hospital walls = who knew that was a problem? Just so we’re clear.

I would note that since there’s nothing in the image that necessarily denies consent, “rape” may be slandering the original artist’s intent, to the extent that that matters to anybody, anywhere. In fact, Wonder Woman appears to be giving Flash a handjob, which implies she’s a willing participant. But it’s a gang-bang at minimum.

Thanks to Vice magazine for finding this story – and for posting the unpainted, uncensored images for the sake of anyone who may have regretted eating breakfast today and wants it back up and out. Thanks also to almost every single one of my regular readers who sent this in. You know me too well.