Naked Statue of Bill Cosby With Fat Albert on His Crotch to Be Unveiled in Florida Gallery

Courtesy of Cory Allen Contemporary Art

Hey hey hey! What’s that you say about raping somebody’s childhood?

The statue, sculpted by high school freshman Rodman Edwards, is being unveiled at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art Showroom in St. Petersburg on February 20. It’s also being proposed as a replacement for Cosby’s current busts on display at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Halls of Fame in Orlando and California.

Yeah, somehow I don’t think that last part is a super-serious proposal.

If you’re into fat, old dudes, though, this is a real Cosby sweater. And like the real Cosby, it assaults…the senses.

You know, because Leonard Part VI was really bad.

(Full body pic is below if you dare)

Courtesy of Cory Allen Contemporary Art

via our sister publication, New Times Broward-Palm Beach