Weekstarter: Oculus Rift Porn, Monstrous Births, Rhino vs. Buffalo and More


Ancient sex trips for monsters, a temple to the “real” Thor, Oculus Rift porn and a few other stories you may have missed over the weekend are collected below for your enjoyment, compiled with an assist from Kyle LeClair.

1. Rhino V Buffalo – Dawn of Butt-Heads.

Take it head to head, rock it through the wilderness…Which animal prevails in the battle of horny vs. nosey?

2. A-kid-emy Awards.

Children reenact scenes from all the Best Picture nominees, and I am certainly outraged by their total slander of Lyndon Johnson, who was a lot older than that in real life.

3. I Love You, You Love Me, Homo-Beastiality!

Scientifically Accurate Barney may not have feathers, but the penis details are all lovingly rendered.

4. It’s Scary, and Freaky, and Not-so-Delish…

Zack Snyder’s challenge – put a better Joker and Cyborg onscreen than these animatronics for Six Flags Texas. Does he have the skills?

5. RIP Ree-Yees.


Richard Bonehill, who played Nien Nunb, Ree-Yees, and various Imperial and Rebel soldiers in the Star Wars trilogy, has died. In his memory, a fanfic will be written that explains how he was actually the most important performer in the entire trilogy, and single-handedly saved it from being prematurely canceled by the 20th Century Fox Empire.

6. To the Tubular Cyber-Extreeeeeme!

“Every ’90s commercial ever” goes bad in a uniquely ’90s way.

7. VR VD.

Old people react to Oculus Rift porn, with less propriety than you might imagine.

8. Springfield Pix a Winner.

The Simpsons intro, pixel-style, is mostly notable for its unique couch gag about a minute in…

9. Accents…You Hate the Negative.

I’m sorry…bad enough that Clone Wars Obi-Wan kept slipping up in his English accent, but Tarkin? When you have actual great English actors like David Oyelowo on hand? Filoni, you’re far too trusting. Proceed with your operation, but we binationals will fire when ready.

10. Hand Solo.

A Chinese Internet addict cut off his left hand to keep himself from using the computer. He only realized much later that he has two hands.

11. Mountain! Get out of My Way!

The Mountain from Game of Thrones breaks a 1,000 year old Viking record.

12. Underworld: Evolution.

A new Ultima Underworld game seeks your Kickstarter dollars.

13.Just a Little Love Crafting.

A recently discovered 17th-century sex manual includes advice on “monstrous births.”

14. Trakker Stacker.

Rumor has it the next G.I. Joe movie sequel may try to spin-off MASK.

15. A Thor Thpot.

Iceland is building a legit temple to the ancient Norse gods. “I don’t believe anyone believes in a one-eyed man who is riding about on a horse with eight feet,” said Hilmar ?rn Hilmarsson, high priest of ?satr?arf?lagi?, an association that promotes faith in the Norse gods…a fellow who apparently has no understanding whatsoever of how many ridiculous things humans already believe.

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