We All Desperately Want to Eat at Trejo’s Tacos, Danny Trejo’s New Taco Joint


Hey kids, do you love tacos? Of course you do! Do you love grizzled badass character actor Danny Trejo? Who doesn’t? Do you want both of them at once? Now you can!

According to L.A. Eater, Trejo will be opening up his own taco shack, to be called Trejo’s Tacos, sometime within the month. It promised to serve cantina small-bites food, be a casual walk-up style joint (called “fast-casual” in restaurant lingo), and will serve wine and beer. Trejo’s Tacos will be taking over an old Taco Bell building, which is certainly a triumph of some sort.

Also according to Eater, Trejo applied for a full liquor license (which would allow the serving of hard alcohol), but was denied. No tequila-drinking contests, friends.

Danny Trejo, 70, was last seen in a movie called The Night Crew, although he is perhaos best known for his appearances in Robert Rodriguez’ films Machete, Spy Kids, and Desperado. He has about a dozen more films planned, or currently in post-production. He is one of the most prolific actors working.

The restaurant will be located at 1048 S. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA. Go have lunch, es?.