For Three Grand, a Lifesize Lance Henriksen Torso From Aliens Can Be Yours


This is the question of your life, you pawn: will you take Bishop?

This is a full sized replica of Bishop as played by Lance Henriksen right after being ripped apart by the Queen Alien. The body is made of fiberglass. The head and arms are made from high end FX quality silicone. The eyes are acrylic and matched to Lance’s eye color. The hair is matched to Lance’s hair and is a combination of hand laid and punched one by one. The base is made of wood, but created to look like a slab of concrete from the hangar where Bishop was ripped in half by the Queen Alien. All of his tubes and inner body parts are made from high grade silicone. The suit is custom sewn to match Bishop’s suit complete with arm patch and dog tags engraved specifically to match his dog tags. The watch on his arm is a close replica. The real watch costs thousands of dollars, so this one was as close as possible.

The second-biggest question of your life: how come we’re only making semen jokes now?

via Laughing Squid, which hilariously has to qualify ALIENS as “the classic sci-fi film.”