Avengers 2 Porn Parody Poster Seems Weirdly Off


Axel Braun likes to get his digs in at whatever comic-book movies are trending, and here he’s putting Spider-Man in the Avengers before Marvel, and giving Ms. Marvel a prominent role. That’s well and good…

But those neon green Hydra outfits – really? And while he seems to have hired an impressive Adrianne Palicki lookalike, using her SHIELD outfit instead of a comic-accurate costume is a little less than I’d expect from Mr. Braun usually. Sorry, techno-fetishists, no Ultron – evil Spidey (and presumably his “organic webshooter”) is the bad guy here. From the press release:

“This is just an awesome movie, and not just because I directed it!” said Braun, who co-wrote the screenplay with longtime collaborator Eli Cross. “It’s a fairly complex story, but it unfolds very fluidly while still allowing plenty of action and character development so the viewer can suspend disbelief.”

Avengers XXX 2 debuts online tomorrow at