Next Star Wars Movie Is About Boba Fett, Because Duh

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The movie Josh Trank will no longer be directing features everybody’s once-favorite-till-he-got-ridiculously-overhyped bounty hunter (the cool kids are all into 4-LOM now, or so I’d like to believe). That’s one rumor finally confirmed. Another, which I hope will NEVER be confirmed lest I give into nerd rage and fall to the Sith, is that “Boba Fett” will be retconned as a title rather than a name, and possibly be played by Michael Fassbender – this would be both a whitewashing and a pretty severe alteration of canon, although technically Jeremy Bulloch – the original Boba, is a white guy, so he has arguably gone back and forth racially.

The main appeal of Boba Fett was his mystery – as more and more of it has been explained, he has gotten less and less interesting. I really hope they know what they’re doing on this one.