That Guy Who Accidentally Boiled a My Little Pony Toy in Man-Juice Is Trying Again…



As editor of this site, Rob Bricken was often best-known for his discoveries of terrible, fetishistic fan fiction.

As his successor, I seem to find terrible, fetishistic fan FACT.

In a story so, ahem, “memorable” that a couple of our readers collectively wrote a Christmas song about it, we told you about a guy who was masturbating on a toy pony in a jar, and accidentally left it so near the radiator that it boiled. The individual in question is now boldly trying again, stating:

It’s been over a year since I started with the Pony Cum Jar Project, and in order to celebrate I’m going to post all the pictures of the Pony Cum Jar Project from start to finish.

I will also require a new jar, so the project can continue! Since I no longer can add cum to the current jar because of the boiling accident. So don’t worry, I’ll post updates ones I got a new jar.

Comments on the forum where he posted this announcement vary from virtual high-fives to anger that the mainstream media is making Bronies look bad by not reporting on even grosser stuff.

As notes, he has yet to say which toy will be the poor victim this time. Allow me to suggest The Pony Formerly Known as Derpy, just so we can bring in an entirely unrelated stream of complaints.

A preferable kind of “stream” to the other kind he’ll have going on, I’m sure.

h/t Citrus and Sly, who know me too well