New Hercules Action Figure Is 12 Inches of Rock Hardness – and Showing His Dick


One of the reasons you see naked female action figures available from time to time, but almost never male ones, is that toy factories in China refuse to sculpt anatomically accurate male crotches – the folks at Fewture Models once told me that this is why their “Satan” figure from Devilman, intended to be a hermaphrodite, is smoother below the waist than was intended.

I guess one way to get around that – just the way we do in mainstream culture – is to present it as an artful statue. Albeit, in this case, a fully articulated one. Per, this statue-style Hercules will be shipping in June; after the jump, a larger image of him from behind. If you want unobstructed dick pics, they’re on the ACI Toys Facebook page.