Tom Cruise IS Tom Cruise in New Trailer for Mission Impossible 5: Tom Cruise


Watching this new trailer, I get the clear feeling that Tom Cruise wants to be that guy in a WWE ring who hears the “You’ve still got it, clap clap clap-clap-clap-clap” chant. For that purpose, the director of Jack Reacher is probably the right guy, as that movie did start evolving Cruise a bit into “the older guy who can still go.” To me, though, these movies get more interesting as he surrounds himself with a supporting cast, so Renner, Rhames and Pegg are welcome returns.

The opening dive sequence is a great hook, but the rest feels like pretty standard stuff so far, entirely dependent on how it fits into the story being told. I kinda miss John Woo and his crazy slo-mo doves set to Limp Bizkit.