Wicket the Ewok Might Be Returning to Star Wars in The Force Awakens


Another day, another bit of speculation about the new movie – but this one’s a little more grounded than most. According to, an official press kit circulating in Japan (alongside appearances by Kathleen Kennedy and Daisy Ridley) lists Warwick Davis’ character name in the new movie as “Wicket.” Now, presuming that Wicket isn’t simply a name as common in the Star Wars universe as “Antilles,” and that this isn’t simply an assumption made by an over-eager intern putting the book together, there’s a good chance Princess Leia’s favorite Ewok is coming back. Well, considering Darth Vader’s half-burned mask in the trailer has to be gotten by somebody, that would seem to mandate a stopover in Endor.

I guess the question is this: have we collectively forgiven the Ewoks yet? Did the brain-damaged antics of the Gungans elevate them to acceptable status by comparison? And if so, will you – in wrestling-fan lingo – “mark out” to see a gray-bearded Wicket onscreen?

(Full disclosure: I had a plush Wicket as a kid. Loved him in 1983. Less so in my twenties.)

h/t The Mary Sue