Chris Pine Is Finally Confirmed as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman


Here’s my theory as to why Pine will be Wonder Woman’s love interest, though it’s one that assumes imdb can be believed when it comes to biographical information:

Pine is six feet tall. Gal Gadot is 5′ 10″. In heels, she’ll appear to be about the same height as he is.

Most Hollywood leading men are short, and don’t like their leading ladies to be taller. Wonder Woman is an Amazon, so she has to be kinda tall. Getting a guy who’s about the same height but not significantly taller was probably the only solution to this common ego issue.

Based on at least one comic rendition, he looks the part, too. Sorry, folks who were hoping he’d be Hal Jordan. All three of you.

NOTE: While there is also a story going around that Channing Tatum is out of the Gambit movie, most of the articles I’ve seen that have headlines “confirming” it actually hedge their bets in the story itself. So I don’t buy it’s definite…yet.