In the Xmas Horror Slay Belles, Krampus Will Have a Huge Penis



Full disclosure: I’ve known this filmmaker, Spooky Dan, a little while – like me, he’s had a foot in the world of entertainment journalism and indie horror. But I think we can all agree that whether I knew him or not, I’d be talking about the first live-action Christmas demon Krampus to show schlong. Part of the Krampus mythology is that he has quite the libido, and, says Dan,

when we designed the beast, we knew we had to go all Magic Mike on you and show him in his full glory. When I asked makeup FX artist Vincent Guastini and his team to make Krampus animalistic and sexy …and to add a Krampus dick, he delivered… OH BOY he delivered. On the first day that Krampus walked onto the set, everyone on the crew was staring at the towering beast which stood over 7.5 feet tall from feet to horns. But no one could help but notice his impressive manhood. Thankfully, he does wear a loin cloth through most of the film. Running around without one would have been quite … distracting. The big question remains though, should he be circumcised or not?

See the uncut pic on Dan’s blog if you dare, and if you want to help crowdfund the movie, you can win perks like Barry Bostwick’s underwear.

The trailer is below.