Building Darth Vader Armor out of Sex Toys


File this under “because we can” – with the help of some special effects gurus, adult film actress Kayla-Jane Danger has created a Dark Lord out of a dick horde. 300-plus vibrators, butt plugs, paddles, latex fists and more went into creating this battery powered, vibrating Anal-kin Skyfucker – and like the real Vader, you’re gonna want to keep him away from younglings.

Weirder still for me – one of the FX guys, Tom Devlin, once made me into a zombie on a movie set. Now I’m starting to worry where his hands had been before he stuck contacts in my eyes. Not blind yet, at least.

I can’t embed the video for obvious reasons, but if you can claim to be 18, you can watch it online pretty easily. Umm…Yippee?