Movie Based on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise Is Now the Latest of 50 Things The Rock Is Attached to


You know, Congo basically was a Jungle Cruise movie, complete with gorillas acting like people and dangerous hippos. But Disney didn’t own any piece of that, so they tried it again with a version set to star Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, which probably fizzled out when somebody pointed out to them that Tim Allen movies about jungles aren’t super well-liked.

Now Dwayne Johnson is attached, and considering he already got convincingly molested by a baboon in The Rundown, and can absolutely do the kind of cheesy stand-up comedy patter that the guides on the ride do as you ride your boat past animatronic scenes, he’s an obvious choice. However, if you think this is a bad idea, the long list of movies from Johnny Bravo to King Kamehema and Spy Hunter that the Rock has been attached to but never made might comfort you.

And when the hell is he going to find the time to play Black Adam, by the way?