Don’t Be Jealous of the Man With a Push-Button Bionic Penis



“We can re-bone him. We have the technology.”

It sounds kind of awesome Рan eight-inch bionic dick that be made hard at the touch of a button. And then you hear what Mohammed Abad had to go through to get one.

-The loss of his actual penis and testicle when he was six, due to being dragged under a moving car.

-119 surgeries, including a final 11-hour procedure.

-Two weeks with a constant boner afterwards.

And yet there is probably at least one dude out there going, “All that for a remote-control robo-dick bigger than my own? Totally worth it.” Also, there’s probably a pornographer opening his checkbook right now to see what it takes to hire Mr. Abad.

h/t Gallen Dugall