I Think We Have a Winner for Dumbest “Sexy” Halloween Costume, 2015: Pizza Rat

I thought I was at the point where none of these could surprise me anymore. Sexy Rick Grimes? Seen it. Sexy Freddy Krueger, Walter White, hell, even Sexy Emperor Palpatine? Those wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve even seen photos online of homemade Sexy Hulk Hogan and Sexy Human Centipede (seriously, Google them if you ¬†must).

Congratulations, Sexy Pizza Rat. You finally made the connection in men’s minds between “vermin stealing food” and “boning.”

Grab a slice in this limited edition Yandy Pizza Rat costume featuring a soft, body-hugging grey mini dress with a white front panel, an attached tail, an attached hood with adorable rat ears, and two attached pepperoni pizza slice pockets.

If Joe’s Apartment came out today and were a hit, I presume Sexy Ralph Roach would be in the offing. Can’t wait for Sexy Mold and Sexy Jock Itch.