The Robot’s Voice 2015 New York Comic Con Preview

SATURDAYwait for it...

For a 10th Anniversary celebration, there’s little in the way of unifying themes this year – last year was Marvel’s 75th Birthday, and if anything ties this con together, it’s Batman’s 75th birthday. That’s a theme today, but it wasn’t a huge, 4 day to-do like Marvel’s birthday last year.



These guys make DC licensed soccer and baseballs. So if you’re so inclined, you can hit Batman in the face with a baseball bat. That…seems counterintuitive. Unless you’re raising a super villain, in which case, just get her a science kit or something.


This is a stealth great place to knock out some early Christmas shopping – exclusives from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (Booth 1764) and the Hero Initiative (Booth N104, Artists Alley) also put your money towards good causes. Or you can just get yourself some shirts from Graphitti Designs (Booth 1744) or WeLoveFine (Booth 1936).

IT COSPLAY, Booth 2771

Ballsy move, cosplaying as IT techs in a convention center full of them.

SNAKT, INC., Booth 858

This is an app that lets you clip together vines to make longer videos on your phone, and not a bakery that specializes in Wolverine-related pastries. I’m glad I found that out now so I can get my “walk out in a huff” out of the way without embarrassing myself.



Spotlight on Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba: Different is Cool 11 AM, Room 1A18

The Brazilian comic artist brothers are in New York to promote their new book, Two Brothers. Check back on Wednesday for my review of it (I got a super advance copy), but spoilers: you should go to this panel because the book is fantastic.

Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing Presents: Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens 12:15 PM, Room 1A21

Among the named guests are Greg Rucka, writer of Marvel’s Journey to The Force Awakens prelude comic, and Chuck Wendig, who wrote Aftermath, a novel I’d heard was good but still managed to completely surprise me. Part of the reason why I’m so hopeful for the new movies is there seems to be some recognition amongst the Star Wars folks that the universe exists as a setting, in addition to a place to tell stories about the Skywalker clan. Aftermath was, tonally, a lot closer to how I expect Rogue One to be, and that was all kinds of cool.

DC Comics – Batman: The Bat-Universe 1:30 PM, Empire Stage 1-E

Pretty much everyone working on a monthly Batman title will be here to talk about the infinity Bat-books coming out in the next year (seriously, they are as countless as the stars in the sky and it’s a miracle so many of them are so good), but Bat-movie producer Michael Uslan went out and teased “major news” coming out of a panel at around 1:45 on Saturday. People assumed the news was Bat-related, since this is the only DC panel at the time and it promises breaking Bat-news, but the comics Internet has since been assured that it’s not a Bat-announcement. Please send Bat-help. I can’t Bat-stop myself.

Marvel: Cup O’Joe 2:45 PM, Empire Stage 1-E

Al Ewing will be up here, presumably talking about Contest of Champions and which action figure variants he’ll be smashing together. I’m making fun, but I’ve already put it on my pull list.

LINE Webtoon: The Future of Comics 4:00 PM, Room 1A21

ComiXology Submit: The Future of Self-Publishing 4:00 PM, Room 1A18

Literally across the hall from each other. I’ll be down there, and about 15 minutes in, I’m going to go stand between both rooms and blast “Beat It” from my phone. I’m going to be so upset when that dance fight doesn’t happen, but I’ll still hope.

In all seriousness, LINE Webtoon made a huge splash landing Marc Silvestri’s Cyberforce, and the Submit panel has Jody Hauser, who’s writing Valiant’s new Faith miniseries (which sounds great). So there are good personalities at both, and good reasons to check them out if you’re interested in making your own comics.

The Netflix Original Series: Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Daredevil 5:00 PM, Main Stage 1-D

This is my Main Stage wristband target for the Saturday panels, so make sure you’re glued to TRV’s Twitter feed for whatever updates I can give without their burly-ass Hydra security guards swiping it.

Street Fighter V 5:30 PM, Room 1A10

Faimitsu totally ruined their “Surprise” when they leaked pictures of sexy Blanka Laura, one of the four completely new fighters in the game. And check out Capcom’s booth (1420) – if they have demos of the game anywhere outside the panel, it will be there.

25 Years of Valiant: Book of Death and Beyond 5:45 PM, Room 1A18

Book of Death has been really good, but it’s shaping up as almost a pause point for a lot of Valiant books. The bosses will be here with announcements of what to expect after the crossover wraps up.