The 10 Coolest Artworks from the Star Wars Tattoo Portrait Show

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with Figrin D’an’s head tattoo there, but it kinda makes sense that he would wear a T-shirt with his band name during his off hours in Charissa Gregson‘s portrait.


Cover model Obi-Wan in all his midichlorianated glory. I like how “Remember Mustafar” (which at first glance I thought was a reference to Alec Guinness’ Lawrence of Arabia character, but I was wrong on multiple levels) is done in mirror-image Memento style in Vinny Romanelli‘s portrait.


Not to be outdone in the old-tattooed-British-man contest, Grand Moff Tarkin goes for permanent epaulettes in Steven Rieck‘s portrait.


Amidala was not always one for fashion understatement, but the tattooed tear streaks are just right in Saga Anderson‘s illustration.


And last but (mostly) not least, the Star Wars: Droids cartoon existed whether you wanted it to or not, and Thall Joben tries to have a little backbone while getting his Rebel ink in Marc Draven‘s illustration.


All that said, the best thing I saw that night was the Twin Peaks-inspired window display down the street at Held Over. As a longtime fan of Fire Walk With Me, I think it’s always nice to see Laura’s Angel getting a little love.


As for Portraits from a Galaxy Far, Far Away, some of the works are available for sale and some aren’t, but they’re all browseable in the exhibition catalog, which is a neat little art book in its own right. Check it out.

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