Hot Toys’ One-ups Every Weird Sexy Halloween Costume Ever With “Alien Girl” Figure


Back in January, we saw some early looks at Hot Toys’ original character – if by “original” you mean some guy who wanted to fuck a xenomorph (in this case, Hong Kong artist Elphonso Lam) decided to add human boobs and a mouth to it. Now we have the full-on product details, which include a vanquished queen base, and a pistol based on the Space Jockey cockpit design, which, in turn, was based on a penis, as most H.R. Giger designs are. In the end, this is no less pervy – just more blatantly tooled to mainstream fetishes than those of a Swiss artist who preferred¬†more mechanical tubes on his genital concepts.

I guess: “Xeno: Warrior Alien Princess” would have too much legal liability as a name.