Lego Captain America v. Nazi Zombies – Dawn of Minifigs Graphically Bleeding to Death!

legocap-zombiesI get sent a lot of Lego videos, as you can probably imagine – there isn’t a lot that’s nerdier than filming your brick toys and expecting everyone else to watch the movie you just made. This one by Forrest Whaley is seriously several cuts above – I think even looking at the still above, you can see how ambitious he got with Captain America fighting Nazi armies of the undead in a full-scale Lego town.

Also, these Minifigs don’t just bleed red Lego studs when they die – they explode into actual red showers of realistic-looking innards. Think of this as the Inglourious Basterds of Lego superhero stop-motion shorts. It’s genuinely good stop-motion, too, and not just somebody who clearly just pushed figures around a bit between shots.

I’d like to know what’s going on here, though…


You laugh and think seeing it in context will make it better. Nope – it makes it way worse. But in a good way, I guess?

Now watch.