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The 10 Best Deaths on Fringe

Mysterious and horrible deaths were a cornerstone of sci-fi TV show Fringe, but some were gut-wrenching in a whole different way, and a few were truly well-deserved. With the release of the full-series box sets on DVD and Blu-ray, here are the Fringe deaths that made the biggest impact.

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The Ten Best Geek TV Shows of 2012

Everywhere you look, someone is proclaiming this to be a new Golden Age of TV, what with all the Mad Mens and Breaking Bads changing the rules for televised drama and bringing home Emmys like there’s no tomorrow. Less publicized is the fact that there’s something of a Golden Age of geek TV happening at the same time. In all your fundamental geek genres — fantasy, sci-fi, horror, superhero, and more — you’ve got multiple options ranging from good to great

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