Fan Fiction Friday: Princess Leia in "Sexual Situations"

By Rob Bricken in Movies, Nerdery
Friday, March 20, 2009 at 2:05 pm
Stop. There are two things you need to know about today's Fan Fiction Friday. The first is that it doesn't just star Princess Leia; it co-stars Jacen Solo, who you nerdier nerds might know as one of Leia and Han Solo's Jedi-babies from the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels and so forth. The other thing you need to know is that this is author mswriter's preface to the story:
My first story on here. No, I haven't wrote much porn before, but I know I can write better than some people on this site. Its annoying to me how a lot is ignored in many different and interesting categories, I know I have a bit of a fetish for some out of normal things, but bear with me. In my Star Wars category you will see incest, and pairings will usually be consensual, but I'm not positive, so maybe slight rape... no hard core stuff... that makes me kind of feel weird.
Incest? That's fine. But hardcore rape? That shit is wack, yo! Nothing but consensual incest on mswriter's watch!
Its possible I will change to an alternate universe, if its not a normal Star Wars universe, I will inform you, the reader. I'm hoping people enjoy what I put up, but NO YAOI/SLASH. Sorry, I think that's overdone, and its not really my thing either.
Gay sex isn't his thing, people; incest is his thing -- just to clarify. You know, I'm just running the whole damn story after the jump. If you aren't prepared to read the word "mommy" in some pretty horrendous places, do not come along.

His mother was always at the Senate, it seemed. She went early before Jacen woke up, and came home extremely late. One day, he cornered her with his frustrations.

"You're never around... I just thought I would spend some time with you."

"I'm sorry sweetie," Leia said, sighing, "Its not that I don't want to... I've just been so busy at the Senate... and with your father never home, I don't..."

Jacen was curious, "Don't what, mom?"

Leia studied her sixteen year old son, part of the reason she had been going so long at work was to avoid how handsome her eldest son was getting. Leia was a sexual person by nature, she had gotten used to being with Han almost every night, and he had been gone for months now... and her son was taking more and more after his father... handsome... strong...

"Why are you looking at me like that...?" Jacen was finding it hard to meet the look in his Leia's eye, it made him nervous, and at the same time, horny... but this was his mother!
Countdown to despair. 5
"Jacen..." His mother said gently, "Do you think I'm pretty?" Jacen nodded, "You're beautiful, Mom." Leia sat closer to him, still staring deep into his eyes, she reached slowly and touched his penis, running her hand softly, making Jacen moan slightly in the back of his throat.

"Mom..." Jacen said quietly, Leia got down on her knees in front of him, Jacen could see down her low cut blouse at her full developed breasts. She smiled at him, "Shh..." Leia said softly, "Lets spend time together, while your father is away..."

Leia undid the zipper of Jacen's pants and pulled out his dick, he could only stare in awe as his mother ran her hand up and down his length a few times, making him twitch in pleasure. Leia stared hard at Jacen for a few seconds before lightly licking the tip of his penis, making him moan gutturally.

"Oh God, Mom... that feels good."
Slowly, Leia placed her hot mouth around his pulsating member, lowering herself onto Jacen, soon she had completely engulfed his cock, and was licking him inside her mouth, sucking lightly. His mother began to move her mouth up and down on his penis, making him groan from the pleasing sensations it was causing him, he didn't realize he could ever feel this good...

Leia knew she should feel guilty for doing this to her son, but she could only feel needy, she needed sex, and Jacen was obviously enjoying it, why shouldn't they benefit from each other's company? Leia had shown Jaina how to pleasure herself, why not help Jacen?
You know, I just can't help think how awesome this story is, but how fucked up writing about fictional characters having gay sex is. No wonder it's mswriter's "thing." Who could blame him? You know, besides everybody ever? Also: 3
Jacen saw his mother finally pulling away from his cock, she had pulled off her blouse and was trying to remove her bra. "Jacen," She said in what he felt was an amazingly sexy innocent voice, "Will you help Mom take off her bra?"
2 -- Stay on target...
Her slow, hot breath was on him, he wanted it badly... he leaned in, finally undoing the bra... Jacen captured Leia's lips in a hard, hot kiss. She responded almost immediately. The bra fell, and Jacen wrapped his strong arms around his mother's body and they laid back on the floor in each other's grasps.

His mother moaned lustfully in his mouth, and her tongue poked his lips, he opened cautiously and allowed her entrance. She wrapped her arms around him, making him shiver in want. Her desire matched his, as their tongues played and danced slowly in his mouth...
"Jacen... stick it inside me... I need you inside me..."

Her moaning made his body respond, he wanted her, more than anything. He wanted to be inside her...

Slowly, Jacen entered her, soon he had slid completely in as she watched him with a smile, he laid on top of her, feeling her soft breasts against his chest, he felt Leia's muscles move around him...
Jacen grabbed her breasts, squeezing them, nothing could feel better than this... he kissed her deeply, her tongue deep in his mouth, as if trying to reach the back. He responded enthusiastically.

"Mom... yes... this is the best..." He moaned it around her lips, she was smiling widely, Leia was loving every second of it, her son's dick filled her need, Han's absence had made her so horny... and her son was a great replacement...

"Fuck me Jacen... fuck Mommy..."
I'm happy to call this one of the Top 5 Worst FFFs in Topless Robot's brief history, given that most of you are probably looking for your power drill and extension cord in order to give yourself a homemade lobotomy. Terrifyingly, I have given you the EDITED VERSION of this tale, for which you're quite welcome. For those people who hate joy, the rest of the story is here.

You know, the thing that makes it so fucked up for me is the guy's insane moral stance about what he finds appropriate and inappropriate in erotic fan fiction. Dude, you're writing about Princess Leia fucking her son -- you don't get to find homosexuality icky, okay? You've lost the right to be judgmental. For some reason, I find this far more depraved than some "anything goes" mentality.

Oh, almost forgot the epilogue.
They lay there, staring at each other, unwilling to separate. Leia kissed him as he toyed with her breasts, she was no longer just his mother, she was his lover, and he couldn't feel guilty at all about it.

"Looks like we have a way to spend time with each other," Jacen said breathlessly, Leia laughed lightly, "Looks like it..."

"Can we... do it... again?"

"Just don't tell your father... yet."

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