The 10 Most Insane Moments in Dragonball and DBZ

By Rob Bricken in Anime, Daily Lists
Friday, April 10, 2009 at 5:01 am
By Rob Bricken

Let's not mince words, shall we? The Dragonball: Evolution movie sucks. This is a fact. It's not being screened for critics. It was written by a scab during the Writer's Guild strike. It has almost nothing to do with the original manga or anime. Plus, it's modeled after the goofier, less popular Dragonball instead of the more action-packed, insanely popular DBZ anyways.

I know many of you TR readers aren't fans of DB -- and many of you just hate anime, period. I gotcha. DB's not my favorite anime series. I don't think it's brilliant. But I do think it's very, very good, and it deserved a hell of a lot than Dragonball: Evolution. What drives me most crazy about the movie is that had it been good, maybe it could have shown people why I and so many others think DB and DBZ is so great -- which is, really, all I think that any nerd really wants out of the movie of his or her favorite franchise. So screw Evolution -- here are the 10 scenes that make DBZ one of my favorite anime series, mostly because they are totally insane and pretty damn awesome to boot.

10) Majin Buu Eats the Devil

In the final major saga of Dragonball Z, the evil wizard Babidi and his minion Dabura -- who, despite being called Dabura, looks exactly like the devil and is referred to as the king of hell -- summon the creature known as Majin Buu. Buu is fat and not very bright, so how do they establish his power? By having Buu turn the devil into a cookie... and eating him. It's surprisingly effective.

9) Meet the Ginyu Force

Almost diminutive and having a voice like an elderly woman, Frieza is the ruler of most of the galaxy. His fiercest, most feared warriors are the Ginyu Force. They are each more powerful than anyone on Earth. And they are total idiots. Sure, they tear their foes apart like fresh bread, but they still strike these ridiculous poses in a parody of sentai shows like Power Rangers. Frieza's utter embarrassment at their antics is the icing on the cake.

8) Goku's Family Reunion

Dragonball Z began with a bang -- specifically, when Goku's brother Raditz suddenly arrived to announce that Goku was an alien called a Saiyan, who had been sent to destroy all of humanity. It's hard to convey the original shock of this twist, since most folks only know DBZ, but basically, creator Akira Toriyama utterly transformed what had been a very wacky adventure series into an action epic. It's like if mid-way through Friends, Chandler found out he was an assassin... and suddenly the rest of the series focused on him killing people. The change was so big, the Japanese TV network decided to call the series DBZ instead of just Dragonball -- the manga kept the original name the entire time.

7) Goku and Piccolo's Driving Test

At this point, Goku and Piccolo have saved the universe and can blow up a planet. Yet, Goku is still at the mercy of his (kind of horrible) wife Chichi, who forces him to take driving lessons, despite the fact he can fly. After countless episodes of fighting for the sake of the galaxy, this episode was a great reminder how DBZ could still be incredibly goofy.

6) Trunks Kills Frieza

When Goku fought Frieza on planet Namek, it took a mind-shatteringly long 19 episodes (which would have taken more than three months to air in Japan); the last seven of which were supposed to cover 5 minutes of time. This battle is a significant reason people think DBZ can be kinda slow. So a few episodes later, when Frieza returned with cybernetic upgrades and his more powerful dad King Cold, fans were legitimately frightened that round 2 would take forever. Not to worry -- fan-favorite Trunks suddenly arrives from the future to cut Frieza into tiny pieces and then incinerate the pieces in about 60 seconds (he kills Frieza's dad, too). It remains one of the most satisfying moments of television ever aired.

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