Christopher Lee Will Rock Your Face Off

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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I am stunned. I am so filled with delight that it's all I can do to copy and paste this news from the AV Club, tipped to me by Cheslea G.:
Christopher Lee, famed star of Hammer horror movies, Lord Of The Rings, and much, much more will be coming soon to some earphones near you. Videogum and The Guardian have the news that the 87-year-old actor plans to release a "symphonic metal" album about the life and career of Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor and a direct ancestor of Lee himself. "To my surprise and indeed great pleasure, I have suddenly found that there is another string to my bow," Lee announced.
FUCK AND YES. There's not a single word in that paragraph I don't love. I swear to god, I'm literally crying listening to the samples in the widget above because it's so fucking awesome. Arrrgh. Auggh. Evil flying Jesus, please take me now -- there's no way life will be anything other than downhill after SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE'S HEAVY METAL CHARLEMAGNE CONCEPT ALBUM  AAARRGGHHH BUHBLUH TOOO MUUUCH AWESOOMENESSS AAAUUUGHHHHH
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