Fan Fiction Friday: Goku, Gohan, Goten and Trunks in "Goten's Birthday"

By Rob Bricken in Anime, Nerdery
Friday, June 11, 2010 at 2:27 pm
Although the last Dragonball Z-themed FFF entry was kind of a debacle, here's another DBZ-themed FFF which will likely be a debacle in a whole 'nother way. For non-DBZ fans, all you really need to know is that Gohan is Goku's kid and about 18 (-ish, I think), Goten is Gohan's little brother, and Trunks is Vegeta's kid and Goten's best friend. They're about 12 and they can "fuse" into a new character called Gotenks, which doesn't involve them fucking each other (usually). Now, let the party begin.
Goten and Trunks were roughhousing in the yard when Gohan got home after school. "Happy birthday, Goten!"

Goten lit up with a huge smile. "Where's my present?!"

Gohan blushed, "Well, I kinda don't have any money. What do you want?"

Goten and Trunks exchanged knowing glances. "Trunks says I'm old enough for Saiyan sex!"

Gohan's blush went fluorescent. "Oh, yeah. Maybe, I guess."

"All right! Let's do it!"
Let's! Put on your party hat and hit the jump!

In a flash, Goten and Trunks were pulling their clothes off. Gohan just shrugged and starting removing his own. "What do you guys want to do?"

Trunks put his hands on his hips. "Well, it's Goten's birthday, so I think you should eat his ass and give him a good pounding." Goten lit up. "Yeah!"
I asked for a good ass pounding for my birthday, but Ms. Robot just gave me a DVD.
Gohan's stiffening cock swayed from side to side as he crossed the yard to pick up Goten. He lifted his little brother into the air and stuck his tongue into his round little ass to loosen it up. Goten squirmed and moaned as Gohan swirled his wet tongue round and round and invaded Goten's insides.
I haven't skipped a word, by the way. Apparently everyone was just hanging out at Goku's house naked, cocks out and about.
Soon Gohan's hand replaced his tongue as he opened Goten more and more to accommodate what was to come. Gohan was nowhere as big as his dad, but even still his cock was thicker than Goten's leg. He pushed in fingers and then his whole fist until Goten wriggled on his wrist.
I hate that I'm so rational about it, but are we to presume that Gohan's cock is bigger than his combined fist and forearm? Wouldn't make more sense to use his cock to loosen up Gohan's ass for his arm? Or am I ignorant of basic ass-accommodation technique etiquette?
Meanwhile, Trunks busied himself slurping on Gohan's dripping cock. Slicking it up was the least he could do for his friend. He knew Goten was in for some hard times when Gohan put this monster into him.

Soon enough, Gohan and Goten were ready. Gohan laid down on his back with his cock sticking up into the air. "Come and let yourself down onto it." Goten climbed up onto Gohan's cock and sat down. The head was so big it was more like a stool than something to go inside him.
Well, if Gohan's dick is the size of standard bar furniture, then it is indeed larger than a forearm. I stand corrected.
Goten used his ki to force himself down onto the cock. His legs were as far apart as he could get them as the massive mushroom head finally popped in. He grimaced in pain, pleasure, and determination as he forced more and more into himself. After a few minutes, he felt Gohan's balls against his legs. He was so filled with pleasure and fullness that he could only barely whisper to Gohan, "Move inside me. Please."

Gohan put Goten on the ground and started thrusting into him. Goten's eyes were glazed over with lust. This was his first Saiyan sex and it was incredible. Trunks helped things along by sucking Goten's cock while he was being fucked by his big brother.
Well, I suppose it's cheaper than buying him a Power Rangers figure. Plus, Trunks doesn't have to wrap it.
After he had his insides washed out with cum, Goten was hungry for more. "Can I fuck you now, Gohan?" he asked eagerly with cum streaming down his legs.
toht face melting.jpg
I'd love that, Goten, but I don't think you can yet. You need more training. Dad has already trained my ass to take him, and you are not strong enough to get inside me yet."
God help me, the Dragonball Z anime was so padded out I think there actually was a few episodes where Goku trained Gohan's ass. I mean, by sheer numbers alone, the odds are in its favor.
Goten frowned. Trunks whispered something in his ear. "Yeah!" he yelled.

"Fu-sion HA!" Trunks and Goten combined to form Gotenks! "Let's FUCK!"
I very much appreciated the author keeping the fusion technique authentic and not having it involve fucking. I mean, sure the DBZ characters are all having an incestuous orgy, but keeping those little details intact really makes me feel like the author really cares about the characters he's forcing to fuck in his horrible erotic fan fic.
Gotenks flew behind Gohan and kicked his legs apart. Then, without a moment's hesitation, he rammed his cock into Gohan's muscle ass. "Aw fuck yeah!" yelled the fused Saiyan. Gohan just grunted and fell to his hands and knees as Gotenks pounded him with wild abandon.
I understand that Gohan is very pro-anal sex with his brother, but I'd be pretty upset if the birthday boy just started raping my ass during his party without asking first. At the very least, I should get an extra slice of cake for my troubles.
Gotenks pulled out and turned Gohan over so that his cock was in the air again. He plunged himself onto Gohan's cock and rode it so fast that his movements were a blur. Gohan thought his cock was going to melt, but it was incredible. In mere seconds, he was blasting out another load.

Gotenks suddenly stopped, his eyes wide with shock. He started to glow. "Oh....fuck...oh..f...fuck..." He felt his powers grow. His ass was swallowing Gohan's cum. He was drawing sexual energy from his brother's powerful spunk. It was incredible.

For Gohan, the feeling was no less intense. He felt like his cock was being sucked by a black hole. All the power was being drained from his balls up through his cock and into Gotenks. It was like hot lava shooting through his dick at the speed of light.
Yes, having magma flowing through my uretha sounds incredibly erotic and enjoyable and not at all like the most painful thing imaginable.
As this was happening, Goku walked out of the house. "Wow, you guys look like you are having fun!" Gotenk's looked at him with a wicked grin. In a flash, he was on Goku, ripping his clothes off. Gohan just lay were he was left on the grass, his once mighty cock laying utterly spent to the side.
I hate it when people open their presents without reading the card first.
Gotenks slammed Goku down onto the ground and flew above him. "Hey Goku, watch this!" Gotenks hovered in the air and thrust his cock out. Goku looked on in amazement as it started to grow. One foot, two feet, three...soon it was as big as Gotenk's whole body. His little legs were held apart by the huge balls.
Here we go. A 12-year-old with a dick the size of another 12-year-old. Now we're cookin'. The sexxxiness continues on the next page!
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