Shockingly, It's Cleaner On the Inside

By Rob Bricken in Merchandise, TV
Friday, July 2, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Despite the fact I was all ready to post the TR contest and be done for a long holiday weekend, The Nerdy Bird just had to go and show me this incredible TARDIS soap.

Travel through time and space in the privacy of your own tub with a bar of TARDI-Soap! Weighing in at roughly 14 oz, this is a soap bar that looks bigger on the inside! The TARDI-Soap comes scented with a delightful Caramel-Apple fragrance and uses all vegan friendly materials. Save the day, smell fantastic, and always get the girl, you clever man you! (almost always anyway) Sorry, the Doctor is not included.

Disclaimer: Standing within the vicinity of the TARDI-Soap may not deflect Dalek extermination or psychically translate alien languages

It's a mere $7 over at Geeky Clean, which is amazingly reasonable for 14 ounces of soap shaped like a time machine.
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