15 Walking Dead Moments We Can't Believe We'll See on TV

By T.J. Dietsch in Comics, Daily Lists, TV
Monday, November 15, 2010 at 8:03 am
AMC has surprised us with some of the things they've shown on the first few episodes of their version of The Walking Dead. From killing zombie kids and the horse smorgasbord in the first episode to some of the more colorful language Michael Rooker's ultra redneck Merle Dixon spouted off in the second, it doesn't seem like Frank Darabont and company are worried about crossing too many lines with the series. But, the show hasn't even covered the ground of the first six issues of the comic yet and things get a whole helluva lot worse, with more graphic zombie attacks and some of the most disturbing human interactions ever put on the page.
We've compiled a list of the ridiculously violent and graphic moments from Robert Kirkman's comic that we'd be varying levels of shocked to see on the small screen. Instead of listing them in order of grossness, we're going chronological in case you aren't all-the-way caught up on the comics. Please note this list CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS, DEFINITELY FOR THE COMIC, AND PROBABLY FOR THE TV SERIES (it depends on how much the show ends up deviating from the comic). Seriously, there couldn't be more spoilers in this list if we posted pictures of spoiled meat with it. Also, if you've not read the comic, it bears mentioning that THE ACCOMPANYING COMIC ART IS INSANELY VIOLENT, DEPRAVED, AND PRETTY GROSS, ACTUALLY. If you decide to skip this list, we'll understand.

15) Carl Kills Shane
We're guessing this moment where Rick's son Carl shoots the now-crazy Shane in the neck will end the first season, but we'll still be surprised if AMC shows a child shooting a man in the neck.

14) Naked Suicide Pact
Tyreese's daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris had been acting strange before the group finally settled in at the prison. We thought it was just because they wanted to have sex, and that was part of it, but in reality, they intended to shoot each other at the same time post-coitus. Chris screws up and shoots Julie early. Hearing the shots, Tyreese runs in, holds his dead daughter who soon turns into a zombie herself. After Chris shoots her, Ty chokes Chris to death. Between the themes of teen suicide and kid murder, we'd be surprised if this scene went down like this on the show.

13) Decapitated Kids
When Rick and his crew got to the prison, four inmates had been trapped in the cafeteria. As it turned out, one of them was a psycho killer who killed farmer Hershel's two youngest daughters by chopping their heads off. We didn't know who did it when we first saw the girls' bodies--and heads-- but it soon became apparent that Thomas, the nerdy guy with glasses, was the killer. Rick later pummels him almost to death.

12) The Governor Chops Rick
We saw Rick hacking the hell out of a zombie in the second episode of the series, but we're not sure if AMC will go the same route when it comes to Walking Dead's biggest bad (so far) The Governor who turned out to be a real sadistic son of a bitch and chopped Rick's right hand off after taking him prisoner.

11) The Governor Assaults Michonne
As if cutting the hand off of our hero wasn't bad enough, The Governor proceeded to rape and beat the tied-up Michonne. Actually, we don't need to see any of this on screen as Kirkman created one of the more disturbing subplots in all of comics.

10) The Governor's Television
Hey, the Governor's a really vile character. In addition to chopping hands and torturing women he also keeps a fleet of fish tanks filled with water and zombie heads that he watches for relaxation every night. By comparison this actually seems relatively normal. Oh, he also has his zombie daughter chained up in his place which he feeds fresh human parts.

9) Michonne's Revenge
The Governor finally gets what's coming to him after Rick frees Michonne. She immediately goes to get her revenge which involves tying the Governor up naked, nailing his penis to a board, scooping an eyeball out with a spoon and...well, lots of other gross stuff. The scene is both cathartic and stomach churning, but we would be shocked if any of this made it on the small screen.

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