The 9 Most Amazing Back to the Future Items Up for Auction

By Chris Cummins in Daily Lists, Merchandise, Movies
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 8:03 am
Marty 2015 Jacket.jpg
Back to the Future is 25 years old? Whoa, now that's heavy. Arguably the greatest comedy of the 1980s, it made Michael J. Fox a superstar and spawned two sequels that were also huge box office successes. The film's 25th anniversary has been celebrated with cast reunions, a brief theatrical reissue, the announcement of an action figure line and video game, and, best of all, an upcoming auction that will give fans the opportunity to own incredibly rare props and merchandise from the entire trilogy. On November 6th, Profiles in History will be offering a number of BTTF items as part of their Hollywood Memorabilia Auction 42. The money raised will benefit in part Michael J. Fox Foundation and Team Fox charities for Parkinson's Disease research. From autographed movie posters to storyboards, the event is a celebration of Back to the Future's enduring legacy. Awesomely enough, it also helps a great cause. But what items on the bidding block are especially noteworthy? Read on and you'll find out faster than you can say "Great Scott!"

9) Oh LaLa Prop Magazine
Oh La La.jpg
Back to the Future is wholesome fun for the entire family...well, except for the incestual overtones, attempted rape and racism of the flick. So why not revel in the seedy underbelly of the trilogy by purchasing this smut magazine that 1955 Biff was carrying around in Back to the Future Part II? Fans of vintage erotica take note, this 28-page prop features actual circa-1950s nudie pics. So, in the immortal words of Step Brothers, owning this would be like masturbating in a time machine.

8) Various Newspapers Featured in the Trilogy
With an estimated value of $400-$600, the seven newspapers featured in the auction (six of which are pictured above, with the remaining one being a lame USA Today prop with a blank headline) are amongst the most affordable items available for purchase. Of these, my personal favorite is the Hill Valley Telegraph featuring a picture of Doc being locked away in the nuthouse and an article about Richard Nixon seeking a fifth term in auction. Watchmen fans know all about how that one turned out.

7) Hill Valley Map
Hill Valley map.jpg
Action figures, busts and other sci-fi collectibles are terrific to decorate your home or office with. Sadly, there is still a stigma attached to say, having a Mego Spidey in your living room or an autographed photo of Chewbacca greeting co-workers to your cubicle. You and I know that anyone who would have a problem with seeing these things out in the open is wrong wrong wrong, but the unfortunate truth is that collectors of toys and other genre-related goodies are often looked down upon. Which is why this map of Hill Valley circa-1885 is so brilliant. If you were to place this on your wall, visitors would be impressed by your intellect and interest in cartography and history. They would admire you for being a truly well-rounded person, a student of culture and all around appreciator of fine things. Meanwhile, you would be glowing from the inner joy that comes from being the classiest nerd on your block. True, you'd also be out thousands of dollars, but glowing nonetheless.

6) Marty's 2015 Self-Drying Jacket
Marty 2015 Jacket.jpg
We are five years away from owning jackets that dry themselves. Okay, that's as much of a lie as flying cars and hoverboards. Goddamnit the future sucks. Non-functional though this may be, it was the exact coat that featured on-screen in Back to the Future Part II. (There was only one made). The rich bastard who has the disposable income to purchase this will get the jacket -- complete with the elaborate cables that off-camera technicians used to work it -- stored in a Plexiglas case. But your future fashion shopping doesn't stop there...

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