There's a Party Going Tron Tonight

By Rob Bricken in Movies, Nerdery
Friday, January 7, 2011 at 11:21 am
So if you can ignore...

• The so-so attempt at replicating the '80s fashion
• The genuinely bad attempt at replicating the world of Tron
• The needlessly lengthy prologue, which is devoid of anything Tron-related

...this lost Tron theme song from L.S. Rayne, titled "The Groove Grid," is pretty awesome. Well, I think so. But you guys know my tolerance for anything Tron-related is ridiculously high, and thus my opinion on this matter is somewhat suspect. I guess if you hate this video, I can't blame you. But god help me if I'm not going to watch it again. Thanks to LegoSpaceComic for the tip.

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