Meet the New (Ultimate) Spider-Man

By Rob Bricken in Comics
Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 2:00 pm
miles o' spiderman.jpg
In another stunning display of not giving a shit about spoiling its audience, Marvel has revealed that the new Ultimate Spider-Man will be some half-black, half-Latino kid named Miles Morales. He'll be debuting in Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 tomorrow. Shame he isn't homosexual as well, and then Marvel could have checked off the minority trifecta with one character!

I kid, I kid -- I'm all for more diversity in comics, and since regular Marvel U. Peter Parker's white ass isn't going anywhere, this is a nice move by Marvel. Here's hoping they have some good stories to tell with ol' Miles, and he doesn't get replaced with am Ultimate Peter Parker clone at some point in 2012. Thanks to Devin B. for the tip.

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