Goofy Star Wars Fan Video Trifecta

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous
Monday, September 19, 2011 at 9:51 am
I'm still writing my Star Wars Blu-ray review -- it'll be up at some point this afternoon -- so please, occupy yourself with these three ridiculous Star Wars videos.

• First up, the return of the Jedi Kittens. They won't stop trying to kill each other! And now they have vehicles! So adorable. (Via Gamma Squad)

• Next is the Taiwan animated news agency NMA's assessment of the Blu-rays and George Lucas' "edits." If you don't want to read my lengthy "butthurt" portion of my review later, this is a pretty good summary. Thanks to Sam H. for the tip.

• Finally, the Symphony of Science dudes have brought their musical artistry to Yoda. Like most of the SoS stuff, it ends up being a pretty good song, although my brain won't let me describe a Yoda remix video as anything but "goofy." At any rate, Yoda makes a pretty solid contemporary singer to Carl Sagan -- I'd honestly like to hear a duet. Thanks to Sean S. for the tip.

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