Aliens Vs. Warm Beverages

By Rob Bricken in Merchandise, Movies
Friday, October 28, 2011 at 11:25 am
alienicecube 1.jpg
Kotobukiya, makers of awesome nerdy ice trays such as Han Solo in Carbonite, are apparently getting a bit desperate because now they're doing Alien ice trays. I suppose someone wouldn't mind ice shaped like the Alien eggs; really, it's just a misshapen egg, so it's not too--
alienicecube 2.jpg
OH COME THE FUCK ON. If my choice is between drinking my soda warm and putting xenomorphic ice dicks in my drink, I'LL JUST DRINK IT WARM, THANK YOU. You can pre-order both ice trays here, and by "you" I obviously mean Abraxas.
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