This Kid's Rivendell > Every Single LOTR Set Lego Has Put Out

By Rob Bricken in Movies, Nerdery, Toys
Monday, August 27, 2012 at 12:00 pm
Welcome to Rivendell. It's a 50,000-piece, 120-lbs. construction by Philadelphian teen Blake Baer, who is clearly a Lego visionary. The vision necessary to imagine this -- let alone build it -- is staggering. The trees alone are amazing. LOOK AT HOW GOOD THE TREES LOOK. AND HOW MANY DIFFERENT TREES THERE ARE. If Lego has any sense they're cutting this kid a check right now. I don't know what for, admittedly, but Lego should probably pay him just for existing until they figure out the best way to utilize his massive talents.. (Via Gizmodo)
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