Clerks Meets Armageddon on Syfy

By Luke Y. Thompson in TV
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 10:00 am


"The fate of the world lies in the hands of two sci-fi obsessed clerks." Yes, that's the official synopsis of Syfy's original movie End of the World, airing Saturday. Sorry, Kevin Smith - you don't get to use this idea now, I guess. If there's a sequel, I hope the fate of the world depends upon two comic-obsessed mallrats.

It's curious that Syfy is blowing their load on this concept so early - with competing Simon Pegg and Seth Rogen apocalypse comedies due out later in the year (plus the as-yet undistributed David Cross-Julia Stiles pic It's a Disaster), the cash-in feels too late for the Mayan calendar and too early to really milk the bonus hype as a mockbuster should.

I'm tempted to say this falls under the supposed "nerd blackface" category - but that would be akin to being offended that the likes of Mega-Shark and Mansquito don't look real...wouldn't it?

Watch the trailer after the jump and decide if it looks as tasty as a chocolate-covered pretzel, or as uncomfortable as the back of a Volkswagen...

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