By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies, Toys
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm

It would appear that accurate, realistic Star Trek Into Darkness figures aren't happening. We're getting Lego-like Kreons, and these...


QMx's PVC Q-Pop figures stand 4.5 inches, and come with a character-appropriate marker so you can write whatever catchphrase you like into the speech bubble - an idea I haven't seen in popular usage since Mattel's original Simpsons figures.

Had no idea "Pew pew pew" was a signature Kirk line. But if you can have him say anything, there's potential for mayhem - my Bart Simpson figure was permanently directing an obscenity toward my senior-year English teacher. Given that Kirk's practically making an O-face, well...let your imaginations run wild.

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