Eight '90s Franchises That Shockingly Never Got A Terrible Tie-in Videogame

By Jason Iannone in Daily Lists, Video Games
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 6:00 am


There are two major options when it comes to designing a videogame:

1: Let's write an engaging, original, dramatic story, and combine it with sleek and smooth gameplay that will both challenge and titillate the player, and make them want to replay the resulting classic over and over again, to uncover the bevy of secrets we so expertly hid throughout each and every level.


Option 2 explains why, throughout gaming history, tons upon tons of boring, horrific, and horrifically boring games have been unleashed upon us, with their only justification being "b-but guys! Austin Powers is in this one! Yeah ... baby? Guys? Guyyyyyys ..."

It's happened so often, we're frankly more surprised when it doesn't happen. In the past, we've discussed various franchises that never received the awful game treatment they so deserved. But we only focused on the '80s that time; as it turns out, developers of the '90s missed plenty of boats as well. Such as:

8. Budweiser Frogs


Hey, why not? They gave the 7-Up Spot a game, and that guy literally looks like a pimple. A game featuring a bunch of frogs - actual animals that many people find cute and delicious - would have done decent numbers.

Of course, there'd be the issue of what these frogs endorsed: beer. In case you haven't noticed, there's not a whole lot you can do when advertising booze, aside from holding the bottle and grinning like a madman. You can't drink it, because that would cause impressionable children everywhere to become raging alcoholics the second they see one sip touch one set of lips. Despite not having lips themselves, what could three amphibians, known for croaking out the beer's name and not much else, hope to do?

The answer, as always: Video Game Logic. That crap'll save your skin every time. In this case, have all your pod buddies become poisoned by generic beer (yes, we know alcohol is already poison. This is, like, octuple poison, OK?) and mutate into vicious monsters. Pick a frog and hop from stage to stage, spraying the enemies with Budweiser and returning them to normal. Again, these monsters will have their mouths shut the entire time, so no budding lush in the audience would get any ideas.

The end boss would be the beermaster who unleashed the poison brew in the first place; if the idea of three tiny frogs kicking the ass of a fully-grown man with the power of mediocre beer doesn't excite you, then you're more dead inside than any washed-up celebrity forced to work retail to make ends meet.

An alternative game idea would be one where you get to torture and murder the WAZZUP guys, in thousands of humiliating brutal, gory, and utterly hilarious ways. No plot, just straight-up murder. It would still be selling today.

7. Vanilla Ice


Yep, just Vanilla Ice. We never needed a game centered strictly around his movie, Cool As Ice, since that would've reminded us the movie existed, thereby triggering years of intensive, expensive therapy.

But Ice himself? That would've made tons of cake; remember, for a short while, people worshiped this guy. It wouldn't have been a simple make-music game either, like they did with Kriss Kross and a couple other bands that weren't Kriss Kross. This would be an adventure, based on real life ... kind of.

See, the business of being Vanilla Ice was 10% performing, and 90% lying about his life to make him seem more badass than he actually was. His movie, his fake autobiography, his interviews - everything was designed to maintain the image of Ice as a tough street-kid who came up from the gutter, and was both the innovator of everything and the coolest kid on the block.

His game would have been no different. We'd have played through a totally real side-scrolling adventure, graphically detailing the many trials and tribulations young Robert van Winkle endured on the mean streets of wherever. Can young Robert beat down the local gang, develop the ultra-tight rhyming flow, completely new fashion sense, and totally original dance moves needed to wow the entire planet, while maintaining his hardcore street cred in the process?

Of course he could, cuz he was the bomb-diggity yo, fo sho. Word to your maternal parental unit.

6. Freakazoid


Freakazoid, in case your '90s nostalgia betrays you, was the alter-ego of a boy named Dexter, who got sucked into cyberspace and became a high-energy superhero with the power to troll others relentlessly. Despite being exactly the kind of hero most Internet geeks would become if they had half a chance, he never got immortalized in his own game.

Blame his big brother. Freakazoid's partner show in wacky Warner Brother crime, Animaniacs, got a game, and it sucked more than the black hole that will inevitably destroy our entire Solar System. All the surreal potential that that license promised was chucked out the window, in favor of some drivel about collecting pieces of a movie script. It would've been more fun to watch the show, while blindfolded, wearing earmuffs, and locked in a closet 500 yards away from the TV.

Freakazoid: The Game likely would've followed in Animaniacs' lofty footsteps. His game could've involved something like the Internet raging out of control (moreso than usual,) and turning Freakazoid into Dexter, and then Freakazoid again, totally at random. As both Dexter and Freakazoid, each with their own separate powers, you would have to find the parts necessary to make the Internet work again. Remember, this was the early '90s; the media thought the Internet worked this way.

So who's behind this theft of the Internet? Does it matter? Any one of Freakazoid's foes could have done the deed, and the result would have been the same: empty gamer wallets, and empty gamer hearts. Never a fun combination.

5. The TGIF Lineup


The mere fact that Home Improvement: The Game exists, and at least a few people bought it, should have opened the door for a slew of sitcom-based games. It's not like you had to follow the show's plot or anything; Tim Allen battled dinosaurs with a super-powered staple gun, after all.

But what of the other '90s sitcoms? All 14 trafillion of them could have easily become stupid, pointless games. Or, as an alternative, take all those sitcoms and combine them into one EPIC stupid, pointless game. In this case, a tournament fighter. There's no way you wouldn't at least pay attention to a Mortal Kombat rip-off featuring your favorite TGIF stars.

Wished Laura would have beaten the snot of Urkel for his years of obsessive stalking, instead of just kinda giving up and marrying him at the end? Want Minkus to rise from his off-screen grave and take revenge on Corey, Topanga, and all the other kids who grew up and became cool without him? Ever felt like criss-crossing universes, and having Mr. Feeney bludgeon that annoying surfer dude from Step By Step for wasting his life by lounging in a van parked in someone else's backyard? This game would've let you do all these things, and more.

And yet nobody dreamt this up until now; the mind boggles. At the very least, we could've gotten The Adventures Of Carl Winslow: Police Brutality Edition. You know he had to let out all that anti-Urkel steam somehow.

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