Meet Senhor Testiculo, Brazil's Giant Friendly Scrotum

By Luke Y. Thompson in Miscellaneous
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 2:00 pm

AAPEC Brazil

I'm so sorry. I just had to share with you the nightmares I'm going to have. It's like a chain letter - somehow I feel the curse will be alleviated if I spread the horror. That's a wearable costume, by the way, making the person inside it semi-officially the world's worst Furry.

This is how Brazil spreads cancer awareness. Via a Google translation:

Both children and adults loved taking pictures with the mascot AAPEC, a friendly snowman in the shape of testicle, which he has visited drew everyone's attention.

The cartoon version is a little less terrifying - also upside-down, and having hands somehow - but still:


I'd have to think a comic book is the next inevitable step, like those Spider-Man comics they used to make specifically for the dentist's office. "Senhor Testiculo versus the Secret Cervix," perhaps?

via Buzzfeed

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