Finally, the (Kinda-Sorta) Nic Cage Con Air Toy You've Been Wanting

By Luke Y. Thompson in Movies, Toys
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 10:00 am


Own this guy, and only you can make him put...the bunny...DOWN.

HPC Toys is a relatively new player in the 12" figure game, but their specialty appears to be characters who look a whole lot like the heroes from our favorite action movies. Just because you can name an actor in a particular film that they happen to resemble - well hey, that's your problem, right? HPC can't help it if they picked a headsculpt that more than one person in the world could possibly look like.

"Jail Hero," above, is the follow-up to "A Cop Never Dies," and will be followed by a figure that I imagine will be called something like "U.S.A. Crazy."

Okay, seriously? It looks like an unholy halfbreed of Sean Archer and Castor Troy from some Face/Off sequel never made. But for $115, it is possibly the best custom base you'll find for that Tim Burton Superman figure you're itching to customize. God, I hope at least one of you is so itching.

source: Toyhaven via Reddit

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