Ten Things We Need to See in the Fables Movie

By Melissa Molina in Comics, Daily Lists, Movies
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 6:00 am

5. Talk, but Don't Show Us the Adversary Yet


If they're looking to really take advantage of the wonderful stories within Fables, then one would only imagine that the first big story arc dealing with the Adversary would stretch out into three movies. That being said, we do hope that they don't give away the big reveal of who the main villain is just yet. Maybe the wooden soldiers attack could spring in towards the end of the first movie, but it wouldn't exactly make sense. Again, to those who are creating this movie, please don't reveal the name of the villain just yet. Please! It's too good to let out in the first film.

4. Rose Red's Drama


There are a lot of problems that Snow White has to deal with as the director of operations within Fabletown. She's essentially the number one aide to Mayor King Cole, so she already deals with a lot. Then there's her sister, Rose Red, whom she doesn't have the best relationship with at the moment. Rose Red parties, drinks and did at one point sleep with her sister's husband (now former); she gets herself into a lot more trouble in Fabletown and the Farms as the story begins. The dynamic between the two, and how they manage to even work together at one point, is really fun to read in the comics, and if the White-Red relationship is as strong onscreen, I'll be tickled pink.

3. The Gradual Romance Between Bigby Wolf & Snow White


If there's no build up to what will be going on between Snow White and Bigby Wolf on the romantic spectrum, then I'll be a bit pissed off. Their romance began evolving right off the bat in the comics and hopefully will do so in the movie, from the tiny taste of her he insists upon initially to their accidental breeding of seven cubs before their first date. Awkward.

2. The Battle Begins... A Little


Honestly, looking back at the first couple of big story arcs in Fables, it isn't too much of a struggle to imagine how a movie could be sculpted out of the Rose Red mystery and the revolt going on at The Farms. The skeletal work for what could fit within the first movie is pretty much there, though we'll probably get more talk about the Adversary and his threat on them still in the film. I can't wait to see how much of the Homelands they'll show in this movie! Presumably that will depend upon the budget.

1. Snow White & Company In The Flesh


It's one thing to read the issues of Fables and see the kinds of adventures that Snow White, Bigby Wolf and the others get into. It'll be quite a different experience when we see these fantasy characters rise to life on the big screen. All right, it's common knowledge that most of these fairy tale, children's book characters have been animated or received some kind of live-action treatment for decades, but Bill Willingham's own creative interpretation of these universally beloved characters is unique and it'll be a blast seeing a cocky Prince Charming interact with a repulsed and bitchy version of Snow White, or a smartass Pinocchio talking to the carefree and goofy Flycatcher (The Frog Prince). Speaking of these characters, can we start a petition to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Bigby Wolf? He always came off as the right actor for the job.

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