Circus Freaks of Yesteryear Look Fairly Normal for Today (Pics)

By Luke Y. Thompson in Artwork
Monday, November 11, 2013 at 1:06 pm


A woman with her back tattooed! How scandalous! How freaky!

Seriously, though, Project B has a new collection of vintage sideshow photos for purchase as fine art prints. They're beautiful pictures - and they also bring home how, in a pre-Internet age, nobody realized just how common some "strange" appearances actually are in the world.

Would you even bat an eye if you saw this lady in a Walmart?



A not-uncommon deformity - but add obviously fake flippers and she becomes a "bird girl."


Conjoined twins are more unusual - but note the sensationalistic renaming of the condition as two-headed.


Calling an amputee "the human Venus de Milo" is actually quite an eloquent thing to do. It's hype, but it's flattering hype to be compared to a masterpiece rather than an animal.

Check out the rest at Project B's website.

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