Weekend Hangover: 20 Stories You Might Have Missed 5-12-14

Monday, May 12, 2014 at 6:00 am

11. All Your Basores Are Belong to Us.

TR contributor Greggory Basore wants his fellow readers to cook better, and demonstrates how by busting a nut on his pizza and cramming it...into his mouth.

12. Giving "Tilt" a Whirl.

Wanna feel like you might fall to your death from high atop Chicago? You're covered.

13. Skydivin' Sandwich.

Everything is cuter in little parachutes - even grilled-cheese sandwiches.

14. Trailer Trifecta: Silly Suckers, Rage Cage, and Terrible, Horrible, No Good Disney Crap.

15. Daryl o' Laughs.

In a bizarre bit of cultural pandering, here are Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln in kimonos, to remind Japanese viewers that The Walking Dead will be returning. Merle Dixon's racist corpse rotates in its grave.

16. Fly Like an Eagle, Let My Spirit Carry Me.

Birdly - Teaser from maxR on Vimeo.

When Oculus Rift alone won't do the trick, you can always strap yourself to a pneumatic crucifix with a fan in your face.

17. Transform and Roll out.

Dammit, army, you can't just call a flying truck a Transformer unless it has a robot mode as well.

18. Pissed-off Kaiju.

He's 30 stories tall - so how much urine would he produce? Yep, somebody went ahead and figured that out for you.

19. Plastic Fantastic.

Because plastic wasn't already hard enough to dispose of, now they're making it self-regenerating. This bodes well, perhaps, for all my sure-to-be-broken toys next time I move.

20. You Can See Russia From Your Browser.

Never Alone - Game Trailer from Never Alone on Vimeo.

Never Alone is a video game based on Native Alaskan lore. Other games are likely to Palin comparison.

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