Robotic Gaming Monthly - PAX, Gamescom, and Sad Signs O' The Times

By Kyle LeClair in Video Games
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 6:00 am

Artwork by CitrusKing46

And welcome to yet another edition of Robotic Gaming Monthly, Topless Robot's monthly column devoted to providing a peek into the latest happenings in the gaming industry, which I admit is hard to do monthly, but eh, we do what we can.

So you may have heard that Gamescom and PAX Prime, two massive gaming events, took place in the last few weeks. As such, we kind of have quite a bit of ground to cover, which is why we have an expanded section for trailers this month featuring some of the most notable games from the two shows! That's right folks, it's a double dose of Daily Lists...kinda! Still, yayyy!!

So you know how last time I complained that it was a bit of a slow month for gaming news? Well, fate apparently decided that what I needed was a swift kick in the balls for tempting it so hard, so now even with Gamescom and PAX chucking out new announcements, there was quite the load to work with...although very little of it I actually had anything to say about...

Now, the one thing I've been asked to comment on is the whole "Quinnspiracy" controversy, but surprisingly, I really don't have anything to say about it. Largely because any time I take a peek at the whole thing and the people discussing it, it always looks to me like an explosion in the dildo shop: Nothing but wall-to-wall dicks everywhere getting flung around dicking about with anything in their path as hard as possible, dicking with other dicks in the process and causing them to fly off and dick others, and so forth until nothing remains but a whole mess of battered dicks. And so I quickly closed the door on that shop, wanting nothing to do with those dicks.

Then there was the Anita Sarkeesian issue, in which Sarkeesian posted the latest video in her "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games" series on YouTube, this time taking a look at how female NPCs are treated in video games (not that well, apparently), and that misogyny in our gaming culture is naturally wrong. And certain male gamers responded with...more misogyny, to the point where some started making rape & death threats towards Anita, causing her to call the authorities and leave her house. And I'm not going to dwell on this one for too long, largely because all I have to say is "CHRIST ON A BIKE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SICKOS???" I mean, dear lord, regardless of how you feel about Anita's videos (and in no way am I defending them), how the hell could anyone go this far?? And come to think of it, Zoe Quinn received similar threats as well (and any search on the either seems to involve the other due to similar content)! Hell, even people defending other folks in these cases were either threatened or told to kill themselves! Dammit, what the hell is wrong is you people all of a sudden??


I would like to state again that this has nothing to do with who's to blame in the Quinnspiracy, or the quality of Anita Sarkeesian's videos, but rather the rather the simple fact that reacting to these scandals with threats of murder and rape is so, so very wrong. In fact, I shouldn't have to state that, because again, THREATENING PEOPLE WITH RAPE AND MURDER IS FUCKING WRONG. Holy fuck, the fact that we have to even create articles these days highlighting that fact is so unbelievably sad. We even have a group of hundreds of game creators stepping up to call for an end to this kind of hateful speech and bring back some dignity and decency, because seriously, was there a certain chunk of gamers who just skipped the "Basic Human Decency 101" class taught at the beginning of life?

People who respond like that honestly come close to making me feel ashamed to be a gamer. And possibly ashamed to be a human. Actually, come to think of it, these aren't humans. No, these are more like lumps of living, boorish, sociopathic feces, like versions of Chet at the end of Weird Science. Except Chet actually apologized for all of the crap he had done, and sadly something tells me we're not so lucky here. You know, throughout all of these debacles, I keep hearing callouts for and promises of more integrity in gaming journalism in addition to the usual cries to the gaming industry to basically just get everything together and stop dicking gamers around. Well guess what, boyos, this is a two way street. If you want the industry and the people in and around it to show you respect, you have to show them respect as well, because that's the only way we can achieve anything actually close to harmony here, not with a bunch of bullshit, threats, and so many instances of the c-word that even Yahtzee would ask you to tone it down.

So do you people not want games and a gaming culture dumbed down for everybody? Then smarten up and stop the hate. Simple as that.

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