Transforming Optimus Prime Birthday Cake Looks Amazing, Probably Hard to Cut and Eat

Friday, August 28, 2015 at 12:30 pm


I'm not sure how many animatronics I would want in my own birthday cake as a matter of practicality, but a G1 Optimus who can become a robot and go back to a truck, and be (mostly) eaten by kids is impressive indeed.

However, next year I want to see cake creator Rusell Munro step up and make a Bayformers Bumblebee cake that sprays Mello Yello everywhere from its crotch.

But not for his kid. For me.

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Topless Robot Live! Force Friday, and The Fox and the Hound's Gay Subtext

Friday, August 28, 2015 at 6:30 am


You may well wonder how we connect those two topics mentioned in the headline above. I can barely remember, myself. But we got Greg Jones Jr. on as our guest, and things got pretty free-form, with extended digressions on the movie Leprechaun 4, John Oliver, Dragon Ball, Christian Slater's dad apparently sending hate mail to the LA Weekly, and more.

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This Upcoming TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Fan Film Looks Terrifying

Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 9:30 am


Let's face it - Tokka and Rahzar in the original movies didn't scare any of us half as much as when Bebop and/or Rocksteady showed up at the end of a level in the arcade game and started kicking our young gamer asses. Thanks to a Cracked article, I came across a trailer for a fan film that gives me flashbacks to that "Oh shit, my Turtle's gonna die now" vibe I used to get back in the day (which was irrational, given that I only played using huge rolls of quarters that didn't run out).

Seriously, seeing these guys in motion, slobbering and shooting off automatic weapons while drunk, is pretty damn creepy. If Sheamus and Uncle Ruckus are even close to this in the real movie sequel I'll be impressed (which is unlikely).

Watch and see...

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Adi Shankar, Producer of All Those Bootleg Dark Reboots, Is Finally Doing One Officially

Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 8:00 am


He's done unofficial short movies featuring Venom, the Punisher, Judge Dredd and the Power Rangers, all grittier and more violent than the cinematic versions. He then told us that his movie The Voices was his dark and gritty take on a Garfield and Deadpool crossover. But now he finally has the rights to do an actual gritty reboot...and it's Castlevania.

Shankar says his version will be an animated series that's "super violent" and "dark, satirical, and after a decade of propaganda it will flip the vampire sub-genre on its head." (Note this is close to what Tommy Wiseau says about his own proposed vampire movie, except Shankar is actually good at what he does.) In a brief interview with Collider, he also mentions that he wants the show to be "America's first animated series for adults" (I can think of a few that beat him to it, like Todd McFarlane's Spawn show on HBO, but whatever), it'll be based on Castlevania III, and the music will be in a similar vein to the original games.

I give the guy props for doing what he likes. But I'm curious exactly what network he thinks will air his video-game-based Dracula cartoon for adults.

h/t Sly Dante

Blu-ray Today: Samurai Shakespeare, Walking Dead, Last Dragon, Lego Justice League

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 12:00 pm

Lego DC Superheroes: Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom! - Right upfront, I'll say that I hope the Lego Batman movie is wittier than this amusing but slight cartoon that introduces the Lego Justice League to Martian Manhunter for the first time, breaks in Cyborg, and sees the origin of the Legion of Doom. It's basically Super Friends, but slightly less dumb, and with a lot more things breaking and exploding, because that's really fun to do in Lego.

With scant extras - there's exactly one, a short about sound design - this probably isn't worth full price to any but the most hardcore and/or extravagant parents. But if it's being planned as a backdoor pilot for a regular TV cartoon, it's not bad.

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The Official Hello Kitty/Chucky Hybrid of Your Nightmares Is Here

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 9:00 am


It's hard to imagine any American company being as free with their kid-focused character as Sanrio is with Hello Kitty. A normal marketing person might just say, "Hey, wait a minute. A cute anthropomorphic kitten and a voodoo-possessed doll inhabited by a serial killer are not compatible!" But in Japan, that is just backward-thinking, as this Hello Kitty Chucky will go on sale in Universal theme parks next month.

I think we may have finally found the item that will test my wife's undying loyalty to Hello Kitty, since she hates Chucky. Stay tuned....

UPDATE: Wife reaction.

"Why must they hurt me?" Then, "Like I've always said, anyone can play in her sandbox. This is proof of that."

via Kotaku

5 Masters of the Universe Characters That Would Work Cinematically (and 5 That Probably Wouldn't)

Monday, August 24, 2015 at 5:00 am

Big Bad Toy Store

The Castle Grayskull gang are makin' a comeback! Masters of the Universe, once Mattel's borderline forgotten in-house brand, has seen a resurgence in public awareness and licensing over the past year. He-Man and Skeletor are popping up in car commercials, video games, designer toys, more designer toys, statues, comic books, shirts and even underoos.

And then there's the long-fabled film. You know which one I mean - the one that seems to go into hibernation every six months, poking its head out of its cave just long enough to announce a new writer.

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Check out Rick and Morty Doing Commentary on Dota 2, in Official Game DLC

Friday, August 21, 2015 at 9:20 am


it's an odd crossover for a fantasy game, but less so for Rick and Morty, who can conceptually appear in any p-BURRRP-ossible reality, anywhere.

If you're a Dota 2 player, this will be the best eight bucks you spend today, unless you somehow found a hooker who charges exactly eight bucks.

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Hear Patti Smith's Sad, Dark Song About the End of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Friday, August 21, 2015 at 8:00 am


Appropriately, it's equal parts absurd and disturbing. As she's a longtime fan, it's no surprise she can masterfully shake you up about it.

So grab your meatwad and enjoy.

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Masters of the Universe Movie Gets Yet Another Writer, Who Probably Shouldn't Get Used to the Gig

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Real T Dragon

Someday I will do a Daily List of nerd movies we keep hearing about that will never actually be made. On it will be Beetlejuice 2, any Stephen King adaptation that requires a commitment of more than one movie upfront, and the Masters of the Universe live-action reboot.

But still they try. The latest writer to be announced is Christopher Yost, veteran of several superhero cartoon shows, and also the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok and Max Steel, which is to say he has experience working with both Mattel and blonde mystical musclemen with magic weapons.

He seems to have everything going for him, and meanwhile, in the toy world, Mattel is finally licensing out the brand to third-parties like Mondo and Super7 with a vengeance. So maybe this is the perfect moment for it to happen. But this very website, under previous management and my own, has thought that one too many times before.