Breaking: Govenor Schwarzenegger Keeps Conan's Sword in his Office

By Rob Bricken in Movies, Nerdery
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 9:45 am


Also breaking: That is fucking awesome. I don't care if you love Schwarzenegger the politician or hate his policies -- not living in California, I'm under the vague impression that his fuck-ups have been on par with a regular politician, and not the disasters you might expect from a man who willingly made Kindergarten Cop and Junior -- that is just totally badass. We all know he'd never use it to hack some hack lobbyist in twain during a boring meetings, but he could... and moreover, he knows he could. If he really had to. Check out some more pics of Schwarzenegger's office -- including a very bizarre video he made in office while holding a very large knife for no apparent reason -- over at Geektrooper.

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